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Thermodynamic Panel (Solar Panel)

Contact Name: Eamonn Ryan  

Hot water Heating all year round

3rd Generation Solar Panels : Ideal for heating hot water. They are designed to work without the aid of direct sunlight. They will work in all weather conditions and even at night. Ideal for the Irish Climate they provide considerable savings on Energy bills.

Our Solar Panels can provide Hot water to your home or business in any weather condition. This is possible because they are Thermodynamic Solar Panels.

Thermodynamic Solar Panel  are a great alternative to fossil fuel system. They are efficient, clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

These systems will save you money on your annual fuel bill and in time will pay for themselves. They are low maintenance and provide Hot Water or Heating all year round. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve our planet for future generations.

Advantages of thermodynamics

There are several advantages over other solar options. First, the flexibility of installation, direct sunlight is beneficial, but not necessary. The panels can be placed in A vertical or horizontal position ANYWHERE on the house.

Because of the low weight of the panels (ca. 8 kg), there is no need to reinforce the surface where they are placed and they also have reduced dimensions (each panel is 1.70 x 0.80 m x 2) as opposed to to first and second generation panels.

Finally, they are low maintenance costs resulting from the closed loop that just makes it necessary to check for leaks in the circuit and to ensure that the gas charge is correct.

Thermodynamics Operation

These panels are exposed to direct sunlight, powering a cycle capable of cooling and heating water to 65 °C, in all weather conditions, all year round, day and night. The panels work in- conjunction with a high efficiency heat pump.

The thermodynamic solar panels use an environmentally friendly refrigerant fluid flowing at low temperature (-10 ° C). As the refrigerant moves through panels, it captures solar radiation on the panel and ambient energy.


We have a solar product that is a world beater. It’s much sleeker. Its a Hot water Heater.