Dear Supplier of Products and Services,

‘Align Yourself with Green Values’ at is an Irish organization that is committed to assisting the hotel and tourism sector becoming more environmentally responsible.

Our core competency is offering our members certified programmes to establish and display their environmental credentials.

Who are the members, they are hotels / guesthouses, restaurants, leisure centres, and responsible tourism operators to name just a few.

For instance our northern most member is Whitestrand B+B, Malin Head, Inishowen, Co. Donegal and our southern most member is the Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork.

The programme has been set up and is sponsored by the EPA. It was borne out of the recognition that the tourism sector has a responsibility to environmental challenges.

Over time the programme has become a reliable guide and support for our members. This engagement has not come about overnight, there has been a transition in attitude and a realization that this ‘Green Attribute’ is a opportunity for higher social responsibility.

Obviously not everyone has come along willingly, change is hard.

But, let me tell you the hard work has been done, we now have business assisting us to become a part of the environmental solution. Business comes to us. By attending our training sessions, our conferences and proactively listening and implementing our recommendations.

So now we are moving this on further, the next phase in our development is

‘Greening the Supply Chain’.

We are looking for suppliers, who are passionate about delivering a green solution to there customers. We are asking for suppliers to justify there claims of green credentials. The customer will need assurance that the work required is being done in a sustainable way.

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Align Yourself

with Green Values’

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EnviroShop c/o HSC Ltd.,
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Little Island,
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EnviroShop is a Registered Business Name (No 342080) whose Principal Place of business is at HSC Ltd, Eastgate Village, Little Island, Cork, Ireland. HSC Ltd is a Limited Company, Reg. No 337203, at the same address.
Directors: M J Bergin, M P Bergin

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