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Eco Mattress was set up as a Social Economy Enterprise. Our Mattress recycling processes provide valuable hands on work experience to people on back to work training programs. This enterprising initiative was developed after long discussions between John Scally (Chairperson) and Bernie Walsh (Manager) of Sunflower Recycling Ltd who have many years experience in waste management and the recycling business.

Eco Mattress Recycling provides a free collection service to all our commercial mattress suppliers. We are fully licensed and hold waste collection and waste facility permits. And guarantee 100% recycling of all products collected.

Quality Kindling
Eco Mattress delivers bags of high quality kindling to all our wholesale customers free of charge. A pallet holds 100 bags of cling wrapped kindling. We do not sell to the general public.

Eco Mattress Recycling provides a door to door mattress collection service across the Dublin area. Every Wednesday we will service the north side of the city and every Friday the south side of the city. Please phone or e-mail us for a price quote.

We have a fully permitted recycling facility with written work instructions detailing all stages of the recycling process. This guarantees 100% recycling throughout the deconstruction processes. In a twelve month period from May ’13 to April ’14 we have prevented one hundred and seventy tonnes of waste material going to landfill sites. This includes nearly 100 tonne of combustible waste suitable for R.F.D./S.R.F. and a further fifty five tonne of steel springs going for further processing by fully permitted recycling companies. Over seven tonne of wood extracted from bed bases is recycled as kindling. With the remaining eight tonne of materials accounted for through work in progress and stock in hand.

Running at full capacity for a period of twelve months our mattresses deconstruction processes would save over 600 tonne of bulky waste going to landfill sites. These conclusions are based on an in depth analysis of all the data gathered during our first full years operations. We have now created a sustainable social economy enterprise that can generate a reasonable gross profit annually. This income will not only cover our running costs but will also allow us to reinvest in machinery and systems to improve our work processes. We now employ one permanent member of staff and hope our continued progress will provide us with the opportunity to offer some more trainee staff permanent positions.