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Drink Can Recycling


The partnership between drink can manufacturers and the recycling industry, aims to encourage you to recycle more whether it be at work, at college, at an event or festival or whilst your out and about.

Aluminium and steel – the materials used to make drink cans – are infinitely recyclable. This means they can be melted down and endlessly reused with absolutely no loss of quality, in what’s known as ‘closed loop’ recycling.

We all know that recycling makes sense. It saves energy and natural resources. And by using resources in a more sustainable way, we can help reduce our impact on the world.

Every Can Counts provides businesses with a branded recycling programme enabling them to launch and promote, drinks can recycling. The programme has been embraced by organisations keen to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and encourage their staff and customers to recycle more.

Every Can Counts, is funded by the leading European can manufacturers (BCME) and aluminium producers (EAA), believes that there is a need to promote the recycling of drinks can ’on the go’ as it is good for the environment and for the the economy. The EAA calculates that for every tonne of drinks cans recycled over 9 tonnes of CO2 gas emissions is avoided, as well as a saving of 95% of the energy and resources required to produce cans from bauxite.

Organisations using the programme range across the public and private sector and from SMEs to FTSE-listed companies. All are using Every Can Counts to help them achieve corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability objectives, including zero waste to landfill targets. Results from participating organisations show that although the programme specifically targets drinks cans, volumes of other recyclables also increase as a result of using the range of Every Can Counts-branded resources.

Announcing the launch of Every Can Counts, Karen Mahon of Alupro Ireland promoter of Every Can Counts said: “We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Every Can Counts in Ireland. We would like to encourage more and more organisations to join the programme as they see the contribution it can make to workplace recycling and CSR schemes.