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Changing The Way The World Cleans

lotus® PRO is a single solution for all your hospitality cleaning requirements – eliminating the need for multiple cleaners and toxic chemicals. Whether it be reception and front desk areas, gaming floors, hotel rooms, public washrooms, convention space, restaurants or staff areas, lotus® PRO is a powerful, more environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional cleaners. The versatility of lotus® PRO is unprecedented in its ability to clean and sanitize. Using exciting cleaning equipment and work processes, lotus® PRO increases cleaning efficiency by reducing the need for rinsing, chemical handling, mixing, storage and training. Using the lotus® PRO technology, ordinary tap water mixed with oxygen transforms into aqueous ozone which works faster and more effectively than a conventional cleaning solution.

As a natural all-purpose cleaning and sanitizing agent, the lotus® PRO works for hours, after which point it converts back into water and oxygen. The lotus® PRO system provides a proven, cost effective alternative to chemicals for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs. Our continuous flow, lotus® PRO system is the perfect cleaning solution for many applications including mop buckets, auto scrubbers or spray bottles.

The lotus® PRO laundry program isn’t yet another cleaning solution for the hospitality industry. Our program is unique because all parts are designed, built, installed and serviced by just one company. When you add our specifically designed ozone friendly detergent we can guarantee cleaning performance, along with cost and energy savings.